World War 2 Events by Country - Romania

Listing of all day-by-day events of the Second World War related to the nation of Romania.

World War 2 spanned across language barriers, cultures, and borders as it wreaked havoc around the globe. The conflict was made up of several major theaters - spanning nearly all oceans and continents - which contained many individual campaigns and, within these, key battles and events on both the military and political spectrums. The war was fought with equal fervor and verocity across the land, on the sea (and under it), and in the air as millions of men and women answered the call of their respective flags - or happened to find themselves in the war's path with no option but to fight. In the end, the fractured world opened its eyes to a new order - one that would usher in a whole new trial in the Cold War and lead to the establishment of dozens of independent countries heading towards the end of the century.

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Saturday, April 12th, 1941

German forces launching from Romania, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria along with an Italian contigent from Albania capture and secure the Yugoslavian capital of Belgrade.
Wednesday, June 26th, 1940

The Romanian government agrees to allow Soviets into Bessarabia and part of Bukovina.
Saturday, November 23rd, 1940

The Romanian government formally allys with the Acis powers.
Monday, October 7th, 1940

German forces cross onto Romanian soil to train the national military as a means to position themselves closer to the vital Ploesti oil fields.
Monday, September 18th, 1939

The Polish government flees to Romania and is held. A government-in-exile is hastily arranged.
Tuesday, September 1st, 1942

Germany Army elements, backed by Romanians cross the Kerch Straits.
Thursday, September 21st, 1939

Romanian Prime Minister Armand Calinescu is assassinated by elements of the fascist group "Iron Guard".